President Trump and his team found themselves on the defensive this week after reporter Bob Woodward released tapes of the president saying, in February, that he might have intentionally downplayed the severity of the coronavirus for the sake of reducing domestic panic. While it may come as little surprise that Trump and White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany would defend the remarks, it was somewhat surprising and refreshing to see pandemic adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci leap to Trump’s defense.

“I don’t recall anything that was any gross distortion in things that I spoke to him about,” Fauci said in a Wednesday interview with Fox News. “I don’t think he said much different than what we said [to him] when we were in the Oval Office.”

Fauci’s claim throws a bit of cold water on the latest Trump scandal “bombshell.” While the left is – as per usual – blowing a molehill into a mountain, the fact that the widely-trusted and respected Fauci is downplaying Trump’s February remarks puts their criticism in perspective. Perhaps in addition to listening to Fauci, we should also recall what the Democrats were saying and doing back in February.

You’ll recall, the Democratic leaders of New York – Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo – were gung ho about keeping schools open.

You’ll recall Joe Biden slamming Trump for shutting down travel from China.

Maybe you’ll remember Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez encouraging her constituents to get out there and eat at all the Chinese restaurants they could find. She refrained from specifically recommending the bat soup.

And maybe you’ll remember House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joyously inviting San Francisco residents to come on down to Chinatown and experience all of the glorious of the far east in and amongst the unwashed masses.

You want to talk about downplaying the pandemic? You want to talk about putting people in harm’s way? These Democrats have absolutely no room to offer even the faintest criticism of President Trump.

Not that abject hypocrisy has ever stopped them before.