FBI Official Sentenced to Federal Prison Over “Russiagate”

(TotalConservative.com) – Charles McGonigal, who worked for the FBI for 22 years and was the agency’s former head of counterintelligence for its New York office, was sentenced to 50 months in prison for providing assistance to a Russian oligarch.

McGonigal pleaded guilty to committing one count of conspiracy to violate US sanctions and money laundering. The charge stem from his agreeing to work for Oleg Deripaska, a wealthy and close confidant of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Deripaska had asked McGonigal for information on a rival oligarch in Russia, an illegal act which the latter agreed to. McGonigal’s lawyer told the court that the “risk and reward” the job presented prompted his client to make a bad decision.

Before his sentencing, McGonigal told Judge Jennifer Rearden that he felt “deep sense of remorse” for his actions, adding that his knowledge as a former special agent for the FBI brings him additional “mental, emotional and physical pain.” He said that he felt shame for embarrassing the FBI, an organization he says he “loves and respects.”

The 50-month prison sentence is just short of the statutory maximum sentence for the crime of 60 months, or five years. The prosecution argued that McGonigal deserved a maximum sentence, given the risk that he posed to the national security of the country. Prosecutor Hagan Scotten added that McGonigal’s actions constituted a “betrayal” of his country, and that money was McGonigal’s sole motivation.

“Poverty did not motivate this crime, your honor. Greed did,” Scotten told the court.

The case involving the Russian oligarch isn’t the only dirty envelope McGonigal has been caught with. In September, McGonigal pleaded guilty to a separate case in Washington D.C. where he was accused of hiding hundreds of thousands of dollars he received as payout from a former intelligence operative of Albania. A separate sentencing on that case is scheduled for February next year.

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