FBI’s 2024 Censorship Efforts Already Underway

(TotalConservative.com) – Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) is drawing attention to the resumption of federal agencies like the FBI colluding with media and tech companies to censor political speech ahead of the 2024 election.

The behavior is being scrutinized in the Supreme Court in the case of Murthy v. Missouri and a temporary injunction against the government was lifted by the SCOTUS as they consider the case. A ruling on the merits is expected sometime this summer. In the meantime, the Biden administration feels comfortable resuming their controversial and questionably unconstitutional behavior.

The FBI confirmed that they had resumed coordinating with social media companies regarding “election misinformation.” The FBI argued that they were “combatting foreign malign influence” and facilitating awareness of specific “foreign” threats in a statement on the matter.

Democrats famously used the debunked Steele Dossier (political propaganda paid for by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign) to allege the presidential election was being unduly influenced by Russia to facilitate a Trump win. The talking point became a regular feature of Trump’s presidency only to be revealed as completely baseless and misleading.

This is the context in which the FBI now suggests it’s battling bad guys overseas. Crucially the FBI and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) haven’t said when they resumed their communications with social media companies, as there was a period of time wherein any communication was outlawed by the temporary injunction. The judge in that case issued the injunction over concerns that the facts alleged by the plaintiffs were accurate. He said if so, it’d indicate “the most massive attack” on free speech rights in the entire history of the country.

His injunction was upheld by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals as recently as last September. CISA was added to the injunction, but it was lifted by the SCOTUS in November which would allow the censorship to continue until they rule on the matter.

The Biden administration has requested censorship of jokes, politically damaging information (like the Hunter Biden laptop story), and criticism of the government’s handling of the pandemic. Those facts are not in dispute.

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