If there was any doubt hiding in your mind about the ethics of one Mr. Robert Mueller, Friday’s arrest of Roger Stone should have put it to rest. He may have been a respected and respectable FBI Director in his day, but he is now nothing more or less than a tool of the Resistance.

First, let’s talk about the charges against Stone. They are as nonsensical and as removed from reality as the other charges that Mueller has brought against people in Donald Trump’s orbit. These are the charges you bring against someone when you have nothing of substance. These are the charges you bring when you desperately need people to flip on the president.

There’s nothing in this indictment that proves that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians. Actually, we take that back because it really doesn’t tell the whole truth. The whole truth is that this indictment goes a long way towards proving that the Trump campaign did NOT collude with the Russians.

Think about it: Why would Stone try to reach out to Julian Assange through an intermediary in an effort to find out what else WikiLeaks had in store for Hillary Clinton? Why would he do that if he already had access to someone in the Kremlin? Why would he bother with Assange if he was talking regularly with Guccifer or Fancy Bear or whatever other hackers were working for Moscow? It makes no sense. Stone would only do this in the absence of such a backchannel, which proves all by itself that the Trump campaign had no such communications. Thus, in a very realistic way, Stone’s indictment proves that Mueller has no case against the president.

Thus, we learn that Mueller is a dirty cop. A man of compromised values. A corrupt special prosecutor. Why? Because he knows that Trump did not collude with the Russians and yet he has not found it within himself to give up this witch hunt and come clean with the American people. Instead, he has persisted in stringing this investigation along, hindering Trump’s ability to govern and weakening his power on the domestic and international stage. That is unforgivable.

Speaking of unforgivable, let’s not overlook the manner in which Stone was arrested. Namely, why the hell was CNN on site? Were they tipped off by someone in the Special Counsel’s office? If this is the case, then we can see this for what it is: Theater for the masses. And if Mueller is playing these kinds of games, it not only shows you that his case against Trump is nonexistent, it shows you that he is willing to do anything to win public opinion to his side.

That’s not the mark of a good, impartial G-Man. That’s the mark of a corrupt cop looking to avenge his buddy James Comey.