U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson ruled this week in favor of a Virginia law that requires voters to show ID before being allowed inside the polls. In a ruling that will have legal ramifications beyond the Virginia borders, Hudson said that the state’s Democratic Party had failed to make a convincing case against Virginia election officials.

According to those Democrats, the law discriminates against blacks, Hispanics, and young voters.

Hudson, while not entirely convinced on the merits of the law, did not find any reason to believe it was suppressing minority turnout.

“Virginia has created a scheme of laws to accommodate all people in their right to vote,” Hudson wrote. “From in-person voting, to an absentee option, to provisional ballots with the ability to cure, and the provision of free voter IDs, Virginia has provided all of its citizens with an equal opportunity to participate in the electoral process.”

Under the law, voters must produce some form of valid ID at the polls. This can, in Virginia, include: a driver’s license, a passport, a VA student ID, an employee identification card, or another form of acceptable picture ID.

Liberals have attacked voter ID laws incessantly for the last decade. Some, including Hillary Clinton, have suggested these laws are akin to the poll taxes of the Jim Crow south. You may remember the many Democrats who tried to draw a link between the movie Selma and the current state of affairs regarding voter ID laws. This link, unfortunately, isn’t just a matter of political rhetoric. Some judges have also come down against the laws.

To believe that voter ID laws are unconstitutional, you have to believe in the liberal concept of disparate impact. Under this scheme, all that matters is the outcome. If fewer blacks are voting, and they can find a scapegoat, they will use it. It doesn’t matter if it can actually be proven that more blacks vote when ID laws are waived; all that matters is that Democrats are trying to solve the problem. And, of course, those damn racist Republicans are standing in the way.

It would be nice to take comfort in the intellectual bankruptcy of their position, but we know better, don’t we? We know that once this issue goes in front of the Supreme Court, all bets are off. If those liberals can find gay marriage in the Constitution, they can certainly find a reason to ban voter ID laws. And when that doesn’t solve the problem, we’ll be talking about the right of illegal immigrants to vote. When that doesn’t work, maybe we’ll start talking about making white votes count for less.

Not even a fantasy writer can predict the insane lengths the left will go to; real-world liberals are always crazier than you imagine.