Female Cyclist Tentatively Speaks Out After Transgender Steals 1st Place

(TotalConservative.com) – Another trans-identifying male recently defeated a group of women cyclists, and one of them is speaking out in the kindest way possible.

Last Saturday, Austin Killips, riding under the name Nice Bikes, won the Belgian Waffle Race in North Carolina. He finished the race in about eight and a half hours, crossing the finish line roughly five minutes ahead of his female competitors.

Just behind Killips was Paige Onweller, who came in second place in the race.

Onweller commented on the controversial win by Killips to Cycling News by acknowledging that, her personal opinions aside, the current rules allow trans-identifying men to compete. She tried to start with a positive message that it’s “important to recognize” that all athletes “should have space” to participate and race, and that each person “deserves respect, dignity, and a safe space to ride bikes.”

Onweller then went on to say that “in the future,” she feels a “separate category” should be established for trans-identifying cyclists to preserve female cycling at the same time as including a “space for all to ride.”

She says she plans on continuing to support Belgian Waffle Race events and trusts that the organizers will “navigate” this issue “with respect for all riders” in the future, meaning that women will not have to compete against men. Onweller thanked the event promoters, who she said face difficulties when making such decisions.

Some might view Onweller’s approach as too lenient. Other women speaking out are taking a sterner approach, such as former swimmer Riley Gaines, who’s been uncompromising in her view that men should not be in any girls’ or women’s sports.

A few months ago, Gaines was attacked by radical activists at a speaking event at San Francisco State University. She had to be escorted to a back room by police and barricaded inside for three hours because the protesters would not allow her to leave.

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