Writing for The Guardian this weekend, feminist Arwa Mahdawi found herself dismayed, angry, and shocked over a new poll that confirms that the hysterical #MeToo movement has had wide-ranging ramifications for the business world. And indeed, despite Mahdawi’s feigned surprise at the results, the poll proves that the what the movement has done is exactly what many predicted it would do: Harm women’s chances of moving ahead in the world of work.

From Mahdawi’s piece:

A new study, due to be published in the journal Organizational Dynamics, has found that, following the #MeToo movement, men are significantly more reluctant to interact with their female colleagues. A few highlights from the research include:

• 27% of men avoid one-on-one meetings with female co-workers. Yep, that’s right, almost a third of men are terrified to be alone in a room with a woman.

• 21% of men said they would be reluctant to hire women for a job that would require close interaction (such as business travel).

• 19% of men would be reluctant to hire an attractive woman.

But according to Mahdawi, who of course has to find some way to blame men – not women – for what has happened here, none of this is happening for the blindingly-obvious reason that you or I would think it’s happening. It’s not happening, in other words, because men are afraid of watching their careers go down in flames because they lingered a second too long in a handshake or accidentally told a mildly inappropriate joke in the office. No, of course not.

“Most men are perfectly aware of the difference between a friendly hug and a creepy hug. They are perfectly aware of what constitutes harassment and what doesn’t. Which makes you wonder why so many men are afraid to interact with women at work?” she writes.

“The answer to that question, perhaps, is that a lot of men aren’t so much afraid of being accused of anything as they are they are angry that #MeToo ever happened,” she concludes. “They’re angry that they’ve been made to think about their behavior, made to interrogate power dynamics they always took for granted, and they are punishing women for it by refusing to interact with them.”

Gotcha. And, because women are both powerful beyond limit and also as weak as innocent babies in the strange philosophy of feminism, there’s really nothing that can be done about this (other than whine in the newspaper).

Well, we suppose they could just change INTO men if they really wanted to get their careers off the ground! That’s a thing people can do now, right?

Oh, who can keep track of it all…