At long last, true feminists are standing up against the speedy and certain eradication of women’s rights. To what we have to imagine was their great surprise, the biggest threat to those rights came not from their old enemies on the Christian right but from, excuse the phrase, inside the house. It began with the liberal embrace of Islam, one of the worst religions in the world when it comes to oppressing and punishing women. But it has gone into warp speed with the left’s sudden embrace of transgender “women,” who now seem poised to erase all of the things feminists fought for decades to secure.

On Monday, a group called the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) decided they’d seen enough. Pushing back against President Joe Biden’s recent executive order demanding that schools allow boys-in-dresses to compete with the girls, they filed a petition with the Department of Education.

“Single-sex spaces (e.g., sports, intimate facilities, housing) are by definition ‘single-sex spaces’ only if sex, not gender identity, remains the sole relevant characteristic,” the group argued. “If a space ostensibly dedicated to being single-sex is also separated based on gender identity, the space ceases to be single-sex.

“Because the purpose underlying single-sex spaces is to promote the safety, dignity, and equal opportunity of women and girls, it follows that eliminating single-sex spaces will cause great harm to women and girls,” they continued. “That harm to women and girls is not avoided just because the effective elimination of single-sex spaces results from separating spaces based on gender identity.”

WoLF’s aim is to see the Biden administration enforce Title IX provisions on the basis of sex, which is of course exactly how Congress intended the law to be enforced when they passed in in the 1970s. Unfortunately, Biden has made it clear that his government will do just the opposite – instead interpreting the law to protect individuals by “gender,” which is to say, you can call yourself whatever you like and find protection under Title IX, no matter what your biology might say to the contrary.

As reported by Breitbart News, the idea that we should eradicate “sex” distinctions in favor of “gender identity” is still not popular among the general public:

The feminists released a national poll in October that found a majority of likely American voters disapprove of policies related to “gender identity,” including those that would eliminate protections for women in single-sex public spaces, such as sports, shelters, and prisons.

The poll, which surveyed 3,500 likely voters across geographic regions, ethnicity, sex, and political affiliation, showed how unpopular policies related to “gender identity” are in America, despite activist and media attempts to normalize them.

Overall, results found 66.93 percent of those polled said they “strongly disagree” with “gender identity” policies, including a majority of liberal voters.

If we were Democratic voters, we would be furious with the party for embracing this nonsensical movement at the expense of popular opinion. If it were the “right thing,” then maybe it could be understood, but this transgender movement is not only against everything Democrats used to stand for, it is against science and common sense. The real “transgender tipping point” is coming soon, and Democrats are going to find themselves on the wrong side of history.