Fetterman Breaks Ranks and Supports Israel

(TotalConservative.com) – Pennsylvania Democratic Senator John Fetterman has been a bit of a firebrand for his willingness to break ranks with the Democratic party. His largest break with the party is his staunch support for Israel.

Fetterman has said previously, and during a recent interview with corporate press, that Israel is America’s “very, very critical ally” in the region. He also suggested that Hamas has the power to end the war right now: they could surrender and release all their hostages.

Fetterman highlighted that there was a temporary ceasefire agreement on the table which would have garnered six weeks of humanitarian aid flooding the region while combat was halted. He pointed out that Hamas rejected that agreement, suggesting that the organization believes they don’t have to concede anything.

Fetterman added that he believes Hamas won’t negotiate or accept any new deal unless it’s completely on their terms. He said that the hesitancy to compromise wasn’t helping the organization or the people trapped in Gaza. He suggested that the Biden administration was trying to play both sides of the issue.

Most Democrats have chastised Fetterman for breaking with the party. Fetterman highlighted that his support for Israel is no different than his colleagues’ support for the Palestinians in Gaza, despite contrasting popular sentiments.

Israel’s ongoing war against Hamas in Gaza has been the subject of intense scrutiny as it continues with no end in sight. The war has garnered charges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) that Israel is engaging in “genocide” or the deliberate and systematic targeting of civilians. Israel has denied the allegations and the U.S. doesn’t recognize the ICC as having the authority to issue such charges.

Fetterman has made no bones about his support for Israel. He was spotted waving a small Israeli flag outside the Senate in response to protesters booing and chanting at his entourage. He similarly waved a huge Israeli flag from the roof of his home after a small protest gathered outside his Pennsylvania residence in January.

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