Firefighter Injured in Station Shooting Dies

( – One Birmingham, Alabama firefighter has died after being shot at his fire station along with another firefighter in mid-July. Twenty-eight-year-old Jordan Melton died as a result of his injuries, according to city officials. He was shot several times while at Station 9 in the Norwood section of the city. The killing is additionally tragic as Melton had just completed firefighter school and all training requirements a few months ago.

Mayor Randall Woodfin expressed kind words, describing Melton as energetic, helpful, and a public servant. He was described as a good son and enjoyed classic American activities like BBQ and sports.

Melton and fellow firefighter Jamal Jones were both shot during a routine check of their equipment inside Station 9 on the morning of July 12th. Jones is still hospitalized and recovering from surgery. Both men underwent surgeries in an attempt to save their lives, unfortunately, Melton did not recover from his injuries.

Police believe that one or both of the men were targeted by the suspect over a personal conflict, and this is an ongoing investigation.

Woodfin suggested that Melton had been a fresh face and core part of their family of firefighters in Birmingham and that much of his potential remained to be realized considering how young he was. He also said that their community was in pain and was shocked by his loss.

Woodfin concluded by saying Melton had paid the ultimate price and made the ultimate sacrifice while attempting to serve his community.

Birmingham comes in 4th on a list of most dangerous cities in America, suggesting that violent crime is much more likely to happen there than in other parts of the state. It’s part of a disturbing trend of increasing violent crime, including murders in the city. Despite attempts by the New York Times to claim criminal activity is going down, hard-working Americans like Jordan Melton and Jamal Jones continue to suffer the impact of rampant violent crime. The problem isn’t just in Alabama. New York City recently suffered a seemingly random attack by a man on a moped who shot multiple people and killed one before he was stopped by police.

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