First George Santos Challenger Steps into the Arena

( – The first challenger of New York Republican Rep. George Santos stepped into the ring this week to bid for his congressional seat in 2024.

Kellen Curry announced his candidacy in New York’s 3rd Congressional District on Monday. Curry, who is a veteran that served in Afghanistan for eight years, wrote in his campaign announcement that he quit his day job “to take on a new mission: I’m running for Congress in New York’s 3rd Congressional District.”

Curry also said he “did not make this decision lightly,” and “sought the counsel of many” who have been “incredibly supportive.”

The veteran is positioning himself against Santos, whose long track record of embellishing his background and other controversial choices in the past have made him a constant feature of headlines.

Santos, a member of the GOP from Long Island, flipped New York’s 3rd District for the Republican Party in November. One of the main factors leading to his victory was his backstory which many found inspirational. Santos represented himself as a Jewish son of immigrants from Brazil who is also openly gay. It was later revealed that Santos isn’t Jewish, that he lied on his resume about where he worked and went to school, and his campaign finances are also questionable.

Curry addressed “the audacity of the lies” told by Santos, which “seems to move everyone to ask: how do people like George Santos get elected?” Curry said he does not know the answer, but will instead focus on a solution to “work together to ensure it doesn’t happen again” by stepping up and taking on the challenge.

Many have called for Santos to resign, yet the congressman officially filed to run for reelection, although this is only a requirement to declare his intentions to run again after a certain fundraising threshold was met. It’s still unclear if he will actually be a candidate for Congress and campaign in 2024.

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