Florida Taxpayers Pay The Cost Of DeSantis’ War On Woke

(TotalConservative.com) – While Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was fighting the culture war in his state by opposing what many conservatives call “woke” ideology, lawsuits against the governor have been piling up in response to his legislative changes.

Since becoming governor of Florida in 2019, various communities and individuals have been suing DeSantis for legislation changes they claim violate their rights. His critics claim he’s fighting these lawsuits with a blank check granted by Florida’s Republican-controlled legislature, the cost of which comes mostly from the state’s taxpayers.

Florida State Sen. Lori Berman says that “DeSantis’s unconstitutional laws” are generating an “endless” list of court battles challenging the legality of his policies.

Among the laws Berman is referring to are the banning of abortions after six weeks, the banning of critical race theory (CRT) from being taught in schools, as well as the “don’t say gay” bill, which was nicknamed such by Democrats despite the fact that it does not contain the word “gay” in it.

According to the Miami Herald, the legal costs of these challenges to the governor’s legislation changes amount to nearly $17 million and rising.

DeSantis, of course, prides himself on fighting against radical leftist ideology, making his strides in Florida a major selling point to voters. According to his memoir, he wishes to apply his strategies used in the Sunshine State to the rest of the country, coining the saying “Make America Florida” (a play on former President Donald Trump’s slogan).

He also thinks Trump doesn’t understand the issue of “wokeness.” While in Iowa, DeSantis was asked about some recent comments Trump made about the word “woke,” which he says he doesn’t like to use because “half the people” who use the word can’t actually define it. DeSantis believes the former president’s comment show he doesn’t grasp the gravity of the problems facing America.

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