The left has launched so many attacks against President Donald Trump that it’s hard to keep track of them all. But there has been one persistent narrative about this president since the moment he was sworn into office: He’s using his power to enrich himself. Oh, he’s leasing apartments to Russians. He’s ushering foreign dignitaries into expensive rooms at his Washington hotel. He’s using his presidency to cut deals that his sons can take advantage of when expanding the family’s real estate empire. He’s violating the Constitution’s emoluments clause. The list of unsubstantiated and poorly-researched claims goes on and on.

But if the new Forbes billionaires list is any indication, that myth has a few holes in it. If Donald Trump is only in the White House to make himself more wealthy than he was when he was just a private businessman/reality TV star, he’s doing a terrible job of it.

According to Forbes, Trump has seen his personal net worth plummet by more than a billion dollars since throwing his hat into the 2016 ring. Over the last two years, Donald Trump’s fortune has dropped from $4.5 billion to $3.1 billion, which has kicked him down 138 spots on the Forbes list. He’s now only the 259th richest man in America. That might not inspire anyone to start a GoFundMe for the president, but it would certainly put lie to the idea that he’s using the presidency to enrich himself and his family.

Except, of course, the left-leaning Forbes writers couldn’t help themselves.

“Much as he’s trying – and he’s definitely trying – Donald Trump is not getting richer off the presidency,” they wrote.

They don’t bother to expand on exactly how Trump is “definitely trying” to get rich off the presidency. You’re just to assume that it’s true. Like so many of the attacks on Trump, their credibility basically comes down to how much the readers is already predisposed to hating this guy.

Alas, it’s been quite the week when it comes to reporting on the president’s finances. The New York Times wasted 13,000 words worth of newsprint with a report on Fred Trump’s tax returns and how the family patriarch shuttled his real estate holdings and wealth to his children, including the president. The White House vehemently denied the veracity of the report, but it inspired New York Mayor Bill de Blasio to hold a press conference, during which he vowed to recover millions of dollars in lost tax revenue from President Trump.

We’re sure Trump is shaking in fear.