Former Pence Advisor Says Pence is “Unworthy of the Presidency”

( – An old advisor to former Vice President Mike Pence is criticizing Pence for his betrayal of former President Donald Trump, calling him “unworthy of the presidency.”

On Monday, Keith Kellogg, former national security advisor to Pence, posted a statement on Truth Social. In the statement, Kellogg praises Trump as standing apart “as a figure of unwavering determination” from the many leaders Kellogg has “worked alongside” in his years of service. He said Trump has “a deep vision” for the country, and “the courage to take a stand” while others fold. Kellogg credits Trump’s “bold and dramatic leadership style” for “significant achievements” for America during his presidency.

The former advisor said that while he respect’s his former boss’s “service to our Nation,” he “must express” his “disappointment in his recent actions” toward Trump, referring to Pence’s condemnation of Trump over the events of Jan. 6. Pence accused the former president of “demanding” that he “choose between him and the Constitution

Kellogg wrote that where Trump “is bold and unafraid to challenge the status quo,” the former vice president “has often chosen the passive route” to avoid confrontation. He said Pence’s “lack of assertiveness” mixed “with an overreliance” on bad political consultants demonstrates a style of leadership “unworthy of the Presidency.”

Contrary to Pence’s claims that Trump put himself before the country, Kellogg believes Trump “consistently put America first” while Pence often “seemed more focused on political maneuvering” and “his image.”

A few days before Kellogg posted his statement, Trump took shots at Pence on Truth Social, accusing Pence of going “to the Dark Side.” Trump said he never told Pence to put him “above the Constitution” and that the former vice president is trying “to show he’s a tough guy.”

Pence is currently polling in fourth place for the 2024 GOP primary, nearly 50 points behind Trump. Ahead of Pence are entrepreneur and author Vivek Ramaswamy in third and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in second.

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