Former Trump Adviser Endorses DeSantis as “Best Possible Option” for President

( – A former adviser to former President Donald Trump is endorsing Trump’s biggest rival instead, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Steve Cortes served as a senior strategist for the Trump presidential campaign in 2020, which was unsuccessful as Trump was defeated by current President Joe Biden. Cortes is now abandoning his former boss in favor of DeSantis, calling the Florida governor the “best possible option” to take the White House in 2024. Cortes also described DeSantis as “highly capable” and “patriotic.”

The former Trump advisor also cited his seven years with his previous boss, saying that he does not draw such a conclusion “flippantly,” and that the America First movement is “bigger and more important than any one individual.”

The three main reasons Cortes outlines for backing DeSantis rather than Trump are that people don’t want to see a “rematch” between Biden and Trump, that there’s “no substitute” for a GOP victory, and that he’s looking at policy results as well as discipline “over chaos.”

Cortes cites the sweeping victory of DeSantis in Florida, ushering in an entire Republican sweep of offices statewide, which he said hasn’t happened since the Reconstruction era. He also mentioned DeSantis’ policies during the pandemic, his pushback against gender ideology, crime, standing up for the Second Amendment, and overreach by the federal government.

DeSantis recently published a book laying out all of these victories, and arguing that applying his approach to Florida to the rest of the country as a whole may be what is necessary to bring the nation back to a state of recovery after the last few years of decline.

So far, DeSantis still hasn’t announced his campaign, but now that Florida lawmakers have cleared the way for him to run without having to step down as governor, it’s obvious that the announcement will be coming soon.

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