Fox News Anchor Says Seeing Someone Defecate Was A Bad Experience

( – The Five on Fox News recently shared a story by one of their regular guests, Fox News anchor Sandra Smith, where she described her experience witnessing someone defecate in the streets of New York City. “It changes you,” she said. Describing it as “really awful” to witness firsthand.

Smith explained that the recent two-week arrest period in San Francisco only had three local residents in total. The rest of the arrested were from outside the city. She also explained the difficulty associated with buying toothpaste, walking through metal detectors, and having to get an employee to unlock the cabinet before she could make a purchase. “It’s a mess,” she said.

The subject of crime and homelessness is a recurring one on The Five with some spicy takes earning ire in the comments section. Co-host Jesse Watters got a tongue-lashing for suggesting homeless people “failed in life” and that stigma was necessary to encourage better behavior. The current paradigm “coddles antisocial behavior” while funding it to a large degree, he said. Watters also suggested social stigma was required to solve or mitigate the problem.

A new University of California study cited the lack of affordable housing as the main obstacle to housing stability in California. The study asked 3,200 people who had experienced some type of homelessness about their experiences and cited statistics that claimed there were roughly 171,000 homeless in California, with most of them being from the state.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development estimated there were roughly 582,462 homeless people in 2022. The major challenges for this population are financial troubles, mental health, drug addiction, and limited access to transportation and telecommunications technology.

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a $1 billion dollar initiative to combat homelessness and arranged 1,200 tiny homes in some Californian cities. The problem remains.

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