Fox News Gave Woke Secret Directives To Employees

( – A Fox News employee handbook recently leaked, revealing that workers are permitted to any bathroom that corresponds to their stated “gender identity,” rather than based on being male or female.

The Daily Signal obtained the handbook, which dates back to January 2021, and reported on it this Monday. It outlines policies that Republicans and conservatives often describe as “woke,” including permitting employees of Fox News to dress accordingly to their “gender identity” rather than what typically corresponds to being biologically male or female, as well as allowing employees to use whatever bathroom they feel matches this identity.

The handbook says that any employees “who are transitioning” are allowed “to be open” about it if they want and that they have the right “to work in an environment” without being harassed, discriminated against, or facing retaliation. The handbook also uses the word “transphobia,” a term commonly used against anyone who asks questions about gender ideology, no matter how innocuous.

A former producer for the network’s highest-rated show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” which was recently canceled, said that Fox News wants people to think it’s a place supporting values that are “traditionally conservative,” but that the reality is the network is “pushing this nonsense behind the scenes.” Another anonymous employee said it was ironic that Fox holds these policies while devoting “hours of programming” to criticizing other companies for being “woke.”

This isn’t the first time Fox News was criticized for using language in line with this ideology. The network has used female pronouns for men identifying as women during their reporting and has also used the phrase “gender-affirming care” when referring to transgender surgeries, even on minors.

Ultimately, the network seems to be in a downward spiral, especially after canceling Tucker Carlson Tonight, which tanked its subscriptions and ratings among its conservative audience.

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