Fox Ratings Still Falling After Ousting Tucker Carlson

( – In May, Fox News Network unceremoniously and suddenly canceled Tucker Carlson Tonight, their highest-rated show, and since then their viewership continues to dwindle and the remaining hosts on the network are also taking a hit.

Sean Hannity’s numbers are also going down, dropping well below Rachel Maddow’s show on MSNBC at one point this month. During the second week of July, Maddow beat Hannity’s 1.95 million viewers with 2.4 million. Hannity used to average at least 3 million watchers every night last year, receiving about 2 million in June which has now dropped down to 1.7 million on average.

Hannity’s slot wasn’t moved for the new line-up changes, remaining at his 9 PM slot. Carlson’s 8 PM slot was given to Jesse Waters. Although Fox’s viewership recovered a bit since ousting Carlson, it remains consistently weaker in nearly every demographic, losing 32% of prime-time viewers and 21% of daytime viewers since July of last year.

The network also suffered from plummeting stock value due to poor ratings. One analyst for Wells Fargo downgraded Fox’s stocks, lowering the price target after viewership collapsed following the ousting of Carlson.

While Fox News promotes its new lineup and scrambles to pick itself back up, Carlson is thriving. His new exclusive show on Twitter is commanding viewership far beyond what he pulled in on cable news.

There’s also a new biography out about the anchor by his friend Chadwick Moore, who was a frequent guest on Tucker Carlson Tonight, appeared on its last episode, and confirmed Carlson’s ousting was part of the Dominion Voting Systems v. Fox News Network settlement.

According to Moore, who knows various insiders working for Fox, serious rearrangement is underway inside the network to purge anyone still openly loyal to Carlson. Moore has been covering the developments at the network on his Twitter page.

As Fox fights to pick itself back up after the Dominion lawsuit and losing their most popular host, Carlson recently interviewed former kickboxer, influencer, and human trafficker Andrew Tate. The interview, which was released online and not on television, commanded more viewers than the most viewed TV interviews in history.

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