Fundraiser for Daniel Penny’s Legal Defense Passes $2 Million

( – Over $2 million has been raised so far in a GiveSendGo campaign to support the legal defense team of Daniel Penny, who’s facing charges for the death of Jordan Neely.

While riding the F train in Manhattan, witnesses to the event claim Jordan Neely began to scream at and threaten passengers (even claiming he was ready to go to jail) until a 24-year-old veteran named Daniel Penny decided to step in and subdue the man before he could hurt anyone, with the assistance of two other men. Penny put Neely in a chokehold until he was unconscious, and then attempted to revive him but Neely passed away.

The incident quickly sparked outrage from citizens and supporters of groups like Black Lives Matter, claiming the killing was racially motivated. Protests soon erupted around the city followed by multiple arrests. Another result of the incident is the initiation of a national debate about self-defense, with many leftists condemning Penny’s actions while most of the right consider him a hero for stepping in.

This divide in opinion may not be so split down the middle, as the difference in fund-raising indicates. While the fundraiser for Penny’s legal defense surpassed $2 million, a fundraiser for Neely’s family only raised under $200 thousand.

The GiveSendGo page, which is now nearly $3 million, describes Penny as a “decorated Marine veteran” and claims he was trying to protect individuals on the subway.

Penny, who faces charges of second-degree manslaughter handed down by District Attorney Alvin Bragg, turned himself in last Friday and was then released on $100 thousand bail.

Neely, who was 30 years old when he died, had a criminal record of over 44 arrests, including charges of assault on a senior and lewdness, and a warrant was reportedly out for his arrest at the time of the subway incident.

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