Gaetz Has an Odd Warning for McCarthy

( – House GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz issued a stern warning to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, threatening to hold Congressional votes “over and over again until it works” in order to remove McCarthy from his position if the House Speaker doesn’t get tougher on multiple pressing issues.

McCarthy announced that he would endorse an impeachment inquiry into the business dealings of President Joe Biden with his son, Hunter Biden. In a speech before the House, Gaetz said the effort is not enough and is merely a “baby step” after “weeks of pressure from House conservatives” to act. Gaetz said the House “must move faster” and blasted the Speaker for dragging his feet on many issues besides impeaching Biden, including balancing the government budget and subpoenaing Hunter Biden for tax fraud and gun law violations.

Later the same day, Gaetz appeared on CNN and warned the House Speaker that he would push him for more concessions and also regretted not being able to stop the deal McCarthy made in May with Biden to raise the debt limit to try and prevent the country from defaulting on its debts. The CNN anchor asked Gaetz about having “leverage” over the House Speaker. Gaetz said he will keep putting pressure on McCarthy. He also said American citizens want to see “term limits,” “balanced budgets,” and “don’t want to see government funding wrapped up” in partisan voting disagreements.

Although Gaetz supports McCarthy’s proposal for an impeachment inquiry into the president, the Florida representative gave notice on the house floor to McCarthy, who Gaetz said “is out of compliance with the agreement” that allowed him to assume the role of Speaker. Gaetz said “the path forward” for the House is to either bring McCarthy “into immediate, total compliance” or to remove him “pursuant to a motion to vacate” the role of House Speaker.

Gaetz threatened that House Republicans will either “get compliance” or they will “start having votes on motions to vacate… regularly.” Despite the fact that the GOP has the House majority, it’s a slight lead and it would only take a few Democrat representatives to unite with Republicans to vote out McCarthy.

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