Gallagher Claims China Wants to Displace the US

( – Chairman of the House Select Committee on China, Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI), spoke with Fox News about the hostages released in Gaza and the influence of China expanding in South America.

He was happy that the families of those hostages were being reunited with their loved ones but warned that Hamas may try to drag this process out to allow themselves to rearm and to avoid their eradication which has been promised by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

He explained that just a few weeks ago a Chinese-owned biolab in California was discovered with vials labeled with various infectious diseases. The illegal underground laboratory was set up in an abandoned building which was only discovered by careful scrutiny of a local building inspector. Upon making the discovery, FBI and CDC officials both declined to investigate prompting concern and a reaction from local Representative Jim Costa (D-CA).

Local officials investigating complained that the CDC had hung up with them mid-conversation in multiple phone calls. They also reported that FBI officials refused to get involved because they were under the impression there were no dangerous materials on the property. They did not explain how they came to their conclusion, however.

Officially ultimately were able to get the CDC to test materials found at the site and they tagged 20 “serious or lethal human diseases.” Many samples went untested and remained unidentified.

Gallagher also said that China was beating American leadership in South America, expanding their investment into smart crane technology. He suggested China holds 90% of the market share, including many installed at US ports. He implied there was a correlation between China’s expanding influence and leftist riots in South American countries.

Lastly, he discussed the addition of a Satanic tree at a local museum’s Christmas celebration and lamented the loss of a traditionally fun family event. The National Railroad Museum is known for its annual showing of Polar Express while surrounded by trains, but the experience will be tainted by the addition of the Satanic tree from a local Satanic Temple and a Gender Diversity tree featuring the slogan “Protect Trans Kids.”

Gallagher slammed critics of the right who project their tendency to wage a cultural war on conservatives who just want to maintain basic traditions and public decency.

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