Garland Cannot Recollect FBI Discussions About Hunter Biden

( – Attorney General Merrick Garland appeared before Congress for questioning on Wednesday and told the House Judiciary Committee that he doesn’t remember if he spoke with the FBI about the investigation of first son Hunter Biden.

Garland was pressed by Republican Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana who asked the Attorney General if he “had personal contact with anyone at FBI headquarters” about the investigation of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Garland replied that he doesn’t “recollect the answer,” which stunned Johnson, who then asked if Garland meant he actually couldn’t “recollect” whether he “talked to anyone at the FBI” about a case involving the son of the president — a very serious matter.

“I don’t believe I did” was Garland’s response. The tense exchange occurred early on in the hearing. The official House Judiciary GOP Twitter page posted a clip of the moment between Johnson and Garland with the caption: “What are they hiding?”

Garland swore that he didn’t interfere in the Hunter Biden investigation in any way, as he says he promised Congress, and that David Weiss, the US Attorney leading the inquiry into the president’s son, was in charge and able to bring whatever cases he deemed appropriate.

Johnson then probed Garland on whether or not he “had any discussions” with Weiss about the matter. Garland replied that he swears “under oath” that his testimony is that he promised the Senate he “would not intrude” in the investigation, adding that he doesn’t “intend to discuss internal” deliberations of the Justice Department and “whether or not” he “had them.”

Weiss brought a heavily criticized “sweetheart” plea deal forward for Hunter Biden’s charges, but it fell apart after a judge dismissed it. Garland then granted the status of special counsel to Weiss last month which gave him a wider range of authority to charge the president’s son outside of Weiss’s district.

The first son was then hit with federal gun charges. Hunter Biden’s defense attorney said he will plead not guilty to the charges. Another indictment for charges of tax evasion also waits in the wings.

Garland also defended Weiss on Wednesday and the process with which the special counsel brought his charges, which whistleblowers claimed was deliberately slow-walked to cut a deal favorable to Hunter Biden.

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