A group called Gays Against Guns, which was founded in response to the Pulse nightclub shooting last summer, is actively campaigning against a bill that would protect licensed gun carriers in one state from being unfairly victimized by another state’s strict firearms laws. The group – GAG, for short – is putting up ads all over the country that feature protesters holding signs that say things like “Not in my city” to drum up public opposition to the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017.

The bill is the “oppose of common sense,” says GAG member Kevin Gotkin. He said that proposals to create uniformity in our nation’s gun laws “undermine the safety established in places like New York City, where legislators have worked hard to protect us from gun deaths.”

Yes, because when your prime concern in life is safety, there’s no place you’d rather be than New York City. Who doesn’t know that?

“The NRA’s Guns Everywhere bill will mean more gun violence and more gun deaths,” said GAG activist Brigid McGinn. “Federal reciprocity is a direct violation of an individual state’s rights to constitutionally protect its citizens. This is a legislated tragedy waiting to happen.”

When it comes to arguing against national reciprocity, the gun control crowd is even more unhinged than usual. But the basic framework of their argument remains the same: Laws banning gun ownership magically protect us from people who would otherwise use those guns to kill people – an activity already against the law in all 50 states. And it’s just as illogical and insane here as it is in every other context.

Is there any evidence that a gun law has ever stopped someone with murder on their mind from committing murder? Does the left believe that guns are the only weapons that can be used to kill? These are the questions that never seem to be answered.

The reciprocity bill currently floating through Congress is not intended to prevent states and cities from passing their own gun control laws, and it’s not intended to throw existing laws off the books. It’s only purpose is to keep law-abiding gun owners from being caught up in frivolous (yet potentially life-ruining) legal entanglements when they cross state lines.

It won’t endanger the idyllic, safe paradises of NYC or Chicago, where gun control has successfully ended the scourge of homicide. How could it? This is a real bill, and those magical cities only exist in the liberal imagination. Washington, D.C. has a lot of power, but it still has no impact on the world of fantasy.