Gen Z Challenges Military Life, Leads to Recruitment Woes

( – Gen Z recruits to the United States Army are complaining on TikTok that military life isn’t as amazing as they hoped. The additional swarms of complaints from recently deployed men and women in the Army is complicating its already dismal recruitment goals. The Army was 25% under its target for 2022.

Anthony Laster has over a million followers on TikTok and complained about the lack of privacy in the Army as well as low pay, crappy food, and feeling unappreciated by superiors. The Chicago native claimed to spend an entire day scrolling on TikTok while he was supposed to be on a mission in a desert.

Laster did a separate video where he covered the positives of Army life which included college tuition paid for as well as traveling around the world. He also credited the Army with allowing him to make some great new friends and to blow things up.

Other recruits complained about the lack of combat and focus on menial tasks. Some complained about weight restrictions and physical fitness requirements. Major complaints included low pay, lack of privacy, and missing out on family life.

A 25-year-old recruit who identified himself as “Barber” said that the likelihood of US troops seeing combat is low, so if you’re joining to see combat, don’t.

A woman complained about scrutiny over her weight and the need to run 2 miles in under 18 minutes. She encouraged her audience to avoid joining unless they can handle having their weight scrutinized. She also said there was pressure to avoid getting injured, and that injuries were blamed on the “victim.”

Wokeism in the military has also been blamed for keeping recruitment down. A 15-year veteran speaking anonymously with the Epoch Times in 2022 said wokeism was the single greatest factor in reducing the number of applicants. She said in years past, soldiers loved America and were excited to serve. In the present time, American nationalism is seen as toxic and that is reflected in the younger generation.

She added that the Pentagon took controversial positions antithetical to American values including vaccine mandates and radical leftist positions on gender ideology and abortion. A lieutenant with the U.S. Navy echoed those concerns saying that it had alienated the conservative base of the country which it traditionally sourced a lot of their troops from. She further argued that diversity isn’t what the organization needs, rather it needs to be lethal, ready, and able to defend the country quickly, should the need arise.

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