We live in an age where cowards and thugs are held up as heroes and heroes are held up as villains. Liberalism has turned the American spirit on its head. All you have to do to earn a liberal’s respect is find a way to get killed by police. Jump the border fence. Change your gender. Those are the real heroes.

As part of the systematic liberalization of the country, 4th graders in Wake County, North Carolina are being fed a book called One Crazy Summer. The book, written by Rita Williams-Garcia, tells a fanciful tale of three sisters who are accidentally sent to a summer camp run by the Black Panther organization. Naturally, the story winds up glorifying the group. Set against the backdrop of the civil rights movement, the characters learn about the plight of American blacks, the power of responsibility, and the glory of racial pride.

According to one reviewer, the “reader is educated about some of the charitable community programs” the Black Panthers set up. Of course they are. But I wonder if either the book or the teachers using the book in class will tell their 4th graders the truth about this disgusting movement.

The civil rights movement attracted plenty of good, decent people. It also attracted its fair share of hangers-on, glory hounds, and outright despicable human beings. The latter category was well represented by the Black Panthers, a group that never missed a chance to demonstrate their anti-Semitism, their anti-White racism, and their willingness to kill innocent people for the “greater good.”

A few acts of charity does not excuse a history of violence and hateful rhetoric. If it did, organizations such as Al Qaeda, Hamas, and even Hitler’s National Socialists would be celebrated alongside the Black Panthers. Of course, seeing the way this country is going, we probably aren’t far from that point. Not the Nazis, though. They committed an unforgivable sin amidst all the murder and war: they were born white.

At least one North Carolina parent was outraged enough to send the reading curriculum into a “stop Common Core” group, but there’s no indication that the school district will back down. Why would they? In several districts, teachers are giving their students an education on how Michael Brown was murdered in cold blood. To these liberals, the only thing that matters when it comes to education is that their point-of-view is championed. If that means lying, so be it. If it means leaving things out, oh well.

Liberals have decided that white American Christian heterosexuals are the new enemy. If you belong to two or more of these categories, you might as well be a Nazi yourself. Everything your ancestors did rides on your shoulders. Your only salvation is to repudiate your ancestry and join the “social justice” movement. Adults rarely fall for these tricks, but kids are ripe for indoctrination. Liberals know it. Get them while they’re young, and they’re yours forever.