The attorneys representing Ghislaine Maxwell fired the convicted sex trafficker for failing to pay nearly a million dollars in legal fees.

Lawyers representing Maxwell, who is currently serving a 20-year sentence in a low-security prison in Tallahassee, Florida, in her effort to acquire money from Jeffrey Epstein’s estate have withdrawn their counsel.

The firm, Quintairos, Prieto Wood & Boyer, alleges Maxwell failed to pay them “despite repeated requests, according to court documents filed in the US Virgin Islands.

Maxwell filed a lawsuit against Epstein’s Virgin Island estate in March 2020, seven months after Epstein allegedly killed himself in the Metropolitan Corrections Center in New York.

She alleges Epstein promised “indemnification for the advancement of attorney’s fees, security costs, costs to find safe accommodation and all other expenses [she has] reasonably incurred and will incur by reason of her prior employment relationship with Jefferey Epstein,” according to court filings obtained by Dail Mail.

“The costs that she envisioned were, ‘in connection with any threatened, pending or completed suit [in] relation to Epstein…and his alleged victims,” the publication notes. “Maxwell argued that during her relationship with Epstein he ‘promised that he would support her financially.’ Her suit states that he ‘made these promises…repeatedly, both in writing and conversation.’”