According to former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, the media’s treatment of Donald Trump has been disgraceful. Gingrich, who is reportedly on Trump’s short-list for Vice President, said Sunday that America’s most respected journalistic institutions have abandoned even the pretense of objectivity.

“Both the New York Times and the Washington Post have been in an all-out war to try to redefine Donald Trump,” he said. He referred to a recent story in the Times that used dozens of women from Trump’s past to paint the billionaire as a misogynist. “Every single woman in the article [repudiated] the article, and says that the New York Times lied. They didn’t say those things.”

On the same day, Eric Trump said that media bias had grown to become the “worst part of society.”

He took aim at a Washington Post story that claimed his father had lied about how much he’d given to charity over the years.

“It was such a disgusting article, and that’s the Washington Post, and that’s their M.O., unfortunately,” he said. “Every article is just a pure kill job.”

Of course, the liberal media’s single-minded hatred for Trump didn’t just spring up in the last month. It was clear from the moment Trump announced his candidacy that the networks and newspapers were going to cover his campaign using a healthy dose of outright fiction. They decided he was a racist on Day One, and they have not budged from that position since.

The media’s portrayal of Trump reached unprecedented levels of absurdity when the billionaire was forced to cancel several rallies due to left-wing protesters and their violent antics. Almost exclusively, they blamed Trump for the near-riots, as though it had been his supporters attacking people and throwing rocks at police. So universal was this baseless condemnation that even spineless Republicans joined the chorus.

Anyone with half a brain knows that our nation’s media is hopelessly biased towards Democrats, but what we’re seeing this year goes beyond bias. If Hillary Clinton herself was writing the articles, they probably wouldn’t look much different.

And yet, even with all of this ammunition being hurled at him, Trump is still neck and neck with Hillary.

Turns out the American people aren’t quite as stupid as the people at the New York Times and the Washington Post thought.