“Give them the tanks!” Davos Attendees Fawn Over Ukrainian Oligarchs, Demand More Support

(TotalConservative.com) – Billions of dollars in military equipment will be sent to Ukraine, per a Pentagon brief announced Thursday, January 19th. The cache of military equipment will include 59 Bradley fighting vehicles, 90 Stryker combat vehicles, and advanced ammunition for the weapon systems we’ve already sent.

More than 50 nations are contributing weapons, supplies, and financial aid to Ukraine as they continue to fight a war against Russia. The U.S. has contributed over $150 billion in taxpayer dollars and $26 billion in weapons and equipment since the war began in February 2022.

The Ukrainian President was a main highlight of the Davos gathering, speaking at multiple events via video conferencing, he consistently lobbied for more financial and weapons support against Russia. Boris Johnson echoed Ukrainian sentiments, “Give them the thanks! There’s absolutely nothing to be lost,” he claimed during a panel at the World Economic Forum gathering.

Ammunition for the HIMARS rocket artillery as well as the NASAMS air defense system was sent along with 25mm rounds for the Bradleys’ cannon, and hundreds of tow missiles for its anti-tank weapons. The Pentagon is also sending eight more Avenger anti-air weapons systems, 53 mine-resistant-ambush-protected vehicles or MRAPS, 350 Humvees, upwards of three million rounds for firearms, and thousands of anti-tank rockets. The total value of the package is around $2.5 billion and that doesn’t include the cost of shipping. Its not enough according to Johnson and Zelensky.

Absent are the Bradley tanks requested by the Ukrainian President, the Pentagon claims their fuel and maintenance needs make them inappropriate for this specific conflict. Nonetheless, the Pentagon boasted that this package would give Ukraine “two brigades of armored capability.”

The Strykers are versatile troop transports with a variety of uses from getting troops into the conflict fast and safely, to evacuating injured troops, and reconnaissance. The Bradley vehicles are more combat-oriented and have anti-tank capabilities.

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