Glenn Beck Says He Was Duped by Tim Ballard

( – Glenn Beck, one of Tim Ballard’s biggest supporters, has spoken to women accusing Ballard of “really bad stuff” and believes he was “duped” by Ballard who is the basis for the main character in Sound of Freedom, a movie about the evils of child trafficking. Beck and Ballard have a long-standing relationship, Beck has previously promoted Ballard’s work including the founding of OUR, an anti-trafficking non-profit organization. Ballard was the executive director of The Nazarene Fund before leaving the organization over the summer.

Beck explained on his show on October 4th that five women had contacted him and relayed allegations of inappropriate adult behavior by Ballard. He then explained how he assigned a reporter to the story and had him investigate the allegations while talking to the women over a two-week period. Part of the evidence against Ballard included text messages. Beck claimed the story was ready for publication, but a lawyer representing the women had asked him not to at present. He also said he didn’t want to use the story to re-victimize the women. Without elaboration or providing evidence, Beck claimed that accusations amounted to “really bad stuff. Really, really bad things.”

He said he believes the allegations are legitimate after reading the unpublished report. He urged the women involved to tell their attorneys to give permission for publication. Suzette Rasmussen, an attorney for five of the women, announced the allegations in a prepared statement outside the Utah Capitol building. She accused Ballard of spiritual manipulation, grooming, harassment, and inappropriate adult conduct, again without elaboration or evidence. Ballard has denied all wrongdoing.

He said that women had previously posed as his wife as part of the investigative work into child trafficking. Allegations of inappropriate or immoral adult behavior are frequently deployed by intelligence agencies attempting to discredit or assassinate the character of someone. Ballard’s exposure of the international child trafficking ring via Sound of Freedom has reinvigorated global sentiments to protect children. Whether the allegations carry any weight remains to be seen.

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