School walkouts are planned in the United States, Australia, and Canada on Monday as parents and children voice their frustration with the increasingly liberal sexual education being forced upon today’s students.

“Parents are demanding to know why their children are being taught how to have anal and oral sex, masturbate one another, and question their gender,” write the activists behind #SexEdSitOut.

On their website, they quote organizers like Caryl Ayala, a former public schoolteacher from Texas who says, “We are uniting with parents across the globe to demand that our rights as parents be respected regarding the teaching of sexuality and sexual orientation. Hands off our kids!”

The protests have the support of groups like the N.C. Values Coalition. According to the Raleigh News & Observer, conservative activists across the state are ready to tell public schools that they can keep their sexuality agenda to themselves.

“This is a national movement to encourage schools to stop using taxpayer dollars to teach programs which are intended to encourage early sexualization of children, causing them to question their own gender and to normalize sexual behaviors that most parents don’t agree with,” Tami Fitzgerald of the Coalition told the paper.

While state standards on sex education are relatively harmless in most instances, schools have a wide array of options when it comes to fulfilling those standards.

And that’s where the problem comes in. Because you have left-wing special interest groups chomping at the bit to provide schools with free resources they can use to teach sex education, and those resources go WAY outside the realm of basic biology. Groups like Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign use these resources to push their sex-progressive agendas that highlights the utility and acceptance of abortion, the trend of magically changing one’s gender at will, and graphic sexual talk that really has no business in a public school classroom.

Whether this walkout on April 23rd is a success or not, it gets the ball rolling on something that has been missing from the conservative agenda for too long. It’s not enough to simply rant in the echo chamber about the crap being foisted on our kids by the school system; it’s time to become a permanent and persistent thorn in the sides of these schools until they take parents seriously.