Goldberg Begs Cheney to Run as a Third Party Candidate

( – Ladies’ talk show host Whoopi Goldberg suggested infamous former Wisconsin House Representative Liz Cheney “be the conduit” for the formation of a third party which would act as a challenge to Trump’s 2024 presidential bid. Goldberg made the suggestion during a recent episode of “The View.”

Goldberg expressed confusion about why there couldn’t be a prominent Democrat and Republican come together to form a new party. While saying she herself wouldn’t make a good politician, Goldberg said that Cheney had a lot of respect for America and they likely agree on how they would want the country to be run.

Cheney has been a vocal critic of Trump ever since he launched his political career in 2015. From her willingness to indulge then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th committee to her support for impeaching Trump, Cheney has earned the title of Republican in name only (RINO). She was defeated in her state’s GOP primary in 2022 by a 37-point margin.

Goldberg then went on a rant in which she claimed Donald Trump wanted to be dictator for life, claiming he’s said as much himself in front of their live studio audience. She assured viewers that if Trump wins the 2024 election, that will be the end of voting rights in America. She said that Trump was “very clear about that.”

Cheney suggested that there were millions of Americans, perhaps even a majority that agree with Goldberg’s whacked out assessment. She said that she would prefer to have debates about substance and policy, but progress requires love of country before tribal party politics. Cheney was a large player in party politics during her tenure in Congress, suggesting she has no idea what she’s talking about.

She recounted the joy of being able to “speak across party lines” without realizing she was doing it as a partisan actor and that’s why she was mocked routinely before being kicked out by the voters.

When asked directly by co-host Sara Haines, Cheney refused to categorically rule-out a presidential bid. She said she hasn’t made a final decision on the matter yet before encouraging everyone to get out and vote this election cycle.

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