It’s not often that we hear anything that sounds halfway coherent emerge from the mouth of Hollywood director (and non-stop racial grievance perpetuator) Spike Lee, but we have to hand it to him: He came up with a pretty good question while talking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper this week. “Why are we still asking, is this guy a white supremacist?” Lee asked in reference to President Donald Trump. Gee, Spike, we never thought we’d say this, but we couldn’t agree more!

Of course, we kid. Lee was getting at the other meaning of that question.

“I think that most woke historians would say that this country, the United States of America, was built upon the genocide of people and slavery.” Lee told Cooper. “I mean, that’s a fact. And I think that if we Americans came to study how this country started, we wouldn’t be talking about kick immigrants out, you know, because if it wasn’t — I mean, Native Americans, people brought here as slaves, everyone was immigrants.”


He continued: “Another thing I’d like to say respectfully, why are we still asking is this guy a white supremacist? I mean, like it’s not even the question, I mean, the Muslim ban, all Mexicans are rapists, drug dealers. And then Charlottesville, we have marching — the KKK, the alt-right, neo-Nazis, and he can’t make a decision between what’s right and wrong? What’s love and hate? I mean, that quote, that’s going to be attached to him. He’s going to be on the wrong side of history, and that’s the first thing they will say that quote.”

Cooper, to his limited credit, finally brought up the fact that Trump didn’t ever say that white nationalists and neo-Nazis were good people, though he did it in the most biased fashion possible.

“It’s interesting,” Cooper said, “There is a movement among Republicans to rewrite the history of what the president said about ‘very fine people. Because the president said very fine people on both sides specifically referencing Friday night in Charlottesville, which is the night of the tiki torch—”

“Not buying it. You know what that is?  Subterfuge. Shenanigans,” Lee said.

Nah, it’s the truth. From the same press conference that Trump said “very fine people,” he went out of his way to make sure the media understood that he was not counting the racists in with that description. Indeed, he doubled back and condemned (again) the white nationalists and the neo-Nazis in attendance.

But none of that matters to people like Cooper and Lee, who are just trying to make a buck off dividing the country by these dangerous racial smears. Which, of course, answers Lee’s question in the most succinct and honest way there is: Because it’s making people lots of money.