Students attending the University of Texas at Austin may want to avoid taking Professor Alex Wild’s entomology classes if they can help it; the man is not well. This week – not for the first time in his social media escapades – Wild took to Twitter to inform the world that if you’re still a Republican in the Age of Trump, then you’re no better than the Third Reich.

“Trump is a Nazi,” Wild tweeted last week. “At this point, you are too if you still support him.”

Got that, Nazis!?

What got Wild so upset that he felt it necessary to make this ridiculous claim on Twitter? Oh, he was mad because Trump said he was thinking about labeling Antifa a terrorist organization. We can assume from there that Wild’s sympathies are with Antifa, the group that thinks nothing of beating their ideological opponents on the streets, even when they are proud Marines. Oh, but TRUMP and his SUPPORTERS are the bad guys. Cool. Good to know.

A few days prior, on August 13, Professor Wild made another idiot remark on Twitter: “Shortly after Trump took office, I noted that Republicans were preparing an ethnic cleansing. Now, in 2019, I stand by that statement. Their thin, panicky public denials stand in stark contrast to their public messaging. And to the growing body count.”

Uh-huh. Do these people literally live in an alternate reality or something?

As for UT-Austin, they are committed to standing behind their unhinged employee.

“The university follows federal and state law on issues related to Freedom of Speech and is committed to the principles of free inquiry. As such, members of the University community have the right to hold, vigorously defend, and express their personal ideas and opinions,” a UT-Austin spokesperson said.

Well, that’s terrific. We certainly hope that UT-Austin will keep to that philosophy when a member of their staff bashes the left, criticizes socialism, and complains about the coddled leftists populating the student body. As long as conservative speech is protected just as well as liberal speech, we say let Wild have his fun on social media. After all, he’s just proving what a moron he is with every successive post. No law against being an idiot, we suppose.