Last year, an engineer named James Damore blew a hole in Silicon Valley’s liberal bubble when he published a controversial 10-page memo blasting his employer, Google, for cultivating a culture of inane political correctness that was putting women’s “equality” ahead of basic common sense and wise business practices. In the memo, Damore made the argument that discrimination was not to blame (or at least, not entirely to blame) for the lopsided gender representation in the tech industry. Men, he argued, were more likely to be drawn into STEM fields and, as a whole, demonstrated greater aptitude for the work.

After his memo went viral, Damore was fired.

Now the young engineer is suing the search engine giant, claiming that he and others were regularly mocked and harassed for their conservative views.

“Google’s open hostility for conservative thought is paired with invidious discrimination on the basis of race and gender, barred by law,” Damore claims in his suit. “Google’s management goes to extreme — and illegal — lengths to encourage hiring managers to take protected categories such as race and/or gender into consideration as determinative hiring factors, to the detriment of Caucasian and male employees and potential employees at Google.”

While we celebrated Damore’s memo and took great pleasure in watching Silicon Valley liberals lose their minds over the content therein, we have our doubts as to how successful this lawsuit will be. If Damore and his lawyer can prove that Google systematically held him back due to his race or gender, he might have a chance, but white men are pretty much the last category that doesn’t get any special legal protections, so we’re not sure about that. Furthermore, if the lawsuit focuses on Google’s retaliation over the memo, Damore has little hope for success. We have freedom of speech in this country, but that doesn’t mean you have freedom of speech at the workplace. Again, especially not if you’re a white man.

Nonetheless, this lawsuit is a good thing, because it’s high time we start fighting back against the affirmative action culture that has gone well beyond filling racial quotas to transform corporate America into one big social justice activism party. Whether or not Damore is successful in court, his lawsuit will help raise the profile of those who don’t believe that you should be given special hiring preferences just because you’re black, gay, female, trans-queer, or whatever new category of minority they come up with next. The identity politics backlash is here, and the left may not realize what they’re in for.