GOP Candidate Opens Up About Upcoming Debate

( – With the first GOP primary debates just around the corner, many candidates are preparing for how they will make their cases before the American public, yet entrepreneur, podcaster, and author, Vivek Ramaswamy, isn’t worried about it,

While campaigning through New Hampshire, Fox News Digital caught up with Ramaswamy in New Castle and asked about the upcoming debates, which will take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on August 23. For some reason, Ramaswamy isn’t bothered by the upcoming debates and seems confident. He said he’s “looking forward” to the opportunity to introduce himself to the people.

One of the things Ramaswamy said he’s focusing on “is not being overly prepared.” He then ran through his busy schedule with the Fox News reporter, and how he’s “doing things a bit differently than other candidates.” Aside from an irregular order of state visitations, his campaign said Ramaswamy is squeezing in a lot of briefings on foreign policy and sparring sessions with staff members while traveling to keep himself sharp for the debates, whereas some other candidates hold mock debates to prepare for the stage.

Ramaswamy said he thinks this will “be the first of many debates,” noting that he’s “already qualified” for the required thresholds for September and “likely October” as well. He also noted that “the truth is everybody else on that stage” already has experience partaking in primary and/or general election political debates, highlighting that it’ll be his “first time ever” and that “it’s just the beginning” of his political career, therefore “something of a warmup.”

One adviser reiterated that Ramaswamy isn’t a typical GOP candidate in many respects and that if he doesn’t do well in the first debates then his team will “reevaluate” their preparations for the second one in September.

Ramaswamy is perhaps the only candidate to fully utilize both the old-guard television media and the new wave of online media to his full advantage while campaigning, appearing on some of the biggest podcasts. His latest conversation was with Canadian renegade scholar Dr. Jordan Peterson, which came out on Thursday.

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