GOP Highlights Commitment to Swing State Ahead of Convention

( – The GOP is planning to organize its 2024 convention in such a way that delegates can avoid having to pass through the blue state of Illinois in order to attend.

According to the convention’s organizers, hotels within Wisconsin state borders have been booked for all the state delegations. The organizers are also encouraging delegates to use a nearby Milwaukee airport to fly in and out of next year’s event to nominate the Republican presidential candidate. Although most of the delegates will stay in the city, some may have to take a bus 80 miles away from Madison, or a train 40 miles away from Kenosha.

The plan won’t be a simple one to accomplish, as nearby Chicago is substantially larger than Milwaukee, where finding enough space to accommodate the massive political event will prove challenging. The effort is worth it to the GOP, though, who wish to show their commitment to Wisconsin as a crucial swing state in the 2024 presidential election.

Republican National Convention (RNC) CEO Elise Dickens said in an interview with POLITICO that since Illinois is not “politically in our corner” and because “Wisconsin is a key swing state,” the convention intentionally decided to host the event in Milwaukee. Dickens said the idea and effort to cross the political aisle and coordinate with Democratic Mayor Cavalier Johnson was thanks to RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel.

The convention is expected to draw 2,429 delegates, 2,262 alternates, and an additional 45,000 guests, volunteers, and media representatives. Organizers said it’s possible all of the delegates could fit in Milwaukee, but hotel assignments aren’t expected to be made until spring.

Dickens said Republicans are aware that Milwaukee “is a blue community” and “wanted to show up” because they’ve “invested in this state for a very long time” and there’s “a lot of opportunity” there. She also said “a rich history of rivalry” exists between Illinois and Wisconsin.

The chair of the Host Committee and other convention organizers are trying to convince local business owners that the RNC event will be good for their wallets, and even the mayor is trying to sell the idea to his constituents. Johnson noted that although he’s “a proud Democrat,” the convention is “about green” rather than “red or blue.”

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