GOP House Passes Measure To Defy Biden

( – The House passed a bill to pause all funding for United States defense and national security agencies until the delivery of 3,500 bombs is made to Israel. President Biden halted the bomb shipment in response to Israel’s attack on the city of Rafah, which Biden told Prime Minister Netanyahu to refrain from doing. While the bill has passed the House, it appears unlikely to pass the Democratic led Senate and President Biden will veto the bill if it reaches his desk.

The congressional divide on the issue of sending weapons to Israel has been split for months. Republicans slammed Biden for not providing the resources that an ally needs to defend itself from the terrorist group of Hamas. Meanwhile, progressive Democrats in Congress believe the U.S. should not be sending any weapons to Israel. Senator Bernie Sanders said Israel has committed violations of international law, which means the U.S. funding should stop.

Progressive members of Congress say that Israel has caused too much destruction in response to the terror attacks of October 7. While over 1,400 Israeli people have died since Hamas’ first attack in October, the death toll for Palestinians has eclipsed 35,000 including thousands of women and children. The UN initially released numbers of 14,500 children and 9,500 women, but have modified those numbers to 7,797 children and 4,949 women Palestinians that have perished since the beginning of the war.

Senator Mitch McConnell said that Republicans are frustrated by the actions of President Biden and he thinks the United States should not be telling Israel how to conduct their military operations. House Speaker Mike Johnson said President Biden and Senator Chuck Schumer are preventing Israel from receiving the aid and assistance it needs to protect itself from Hamas’ attacks. In response to the passing of the bill, Senator Schumer said the bill is not going to get past the Senate.

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