GOP Places Emphasis On Parent’s Bill of Rights

( – Republicans have found a winning issue in parents’ rights. The popularity of the recent legislation in Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, and other states has demonstrated that protecting children by enumerating specific rights for parents is popular with voters.

Congressional Republicans have taken it to the next level with H.R. 5 the “Parents Bill Of Rights Act,” which would make it the law nationwide to: access educational materials, give feedback to educators, review the school’s budget, protect the privacy of students, and receive information about any violence that happened at the school.

Additionally, the legislation would make copies of educational materials available for parents at no cost, and mandate the right to speak with teachers no less than twice a year.

Exactly zero House Democrats voted to pass the bill, which suggests they believe the legislation is unnecessary or somehow counterproductive to the theoretical end goal of ensuring the healthy and successful education of America’s youth. The bill has been referred to the Senate where it currently waits in committee for further action. We’ll see if it gets brought to the floor anytime soon.

Democrats and Republicans have been divided over the issue of how children should be educated. Democrats favor expert opinions, where teachers, administrators, and other educational thought leaders set the curriculum. After seeing how that has led to the politicization of education to push radical transgender ideology, and advanced discussions of kinky fetish behaviors, including how-tos on masturbation and anal intercourse, the GOP is trying something different by reasserting the role of parents in making educational decisions for their children.

A tweet promoting the legislation got almost two-hundred thousand views in 24 hours and stirred up a number of controversial replies. Multiple commenters demanded House GOP move on impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden. Some pointed out that these “rights” were the standard in past decades.

Whether this particular bill languishes in committee or becomes law, the issue of parents’ rights in the education of their children isn’t going away anytime soon.

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