Determined, apparently, to get through his entire tenure without taking the slightest responsibility for his failures, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) said Monday that he has nothing to apologize for in regards to dumping thousands of COVID-positive patients into nursing homes and then lying to the press about it. In fact, it’s the press’s fault that he’s now taking so much heat.

“This past year, there is a toxic political environment,” he said, “and everything gets politicized. And there’s political spin, and there are facts, two very different things. I just want to make sure people have facts.”

We can’t recall Cuomo ever complaining about the “toxic political environment” when the media was singing his praises every day this spring, but perhaps we missed it. We also seem to remember him trying to blame Trump for his own decision to turn New York’s nursing homes into COVID incubators, but we’re sure we’re misremembering that blatant attempt to pass the buck.

Oh, well, actually, we’re not misremembering, because he’s still doing that to this day.

“On March 23, the Center for Disease Control, CDC, put out guidance for people sending people from hospitals back to nursing homes. NYS DOH followed that guidance. Twelve other states, at least, followed that guidance,” Cuomo said. “There was a void in information. People died alone. It was horrific. And then the void in information we created started misinformation, disinformation, conspiracy theories. The truth is everybody did everything they could.”

Speaking of a “void in information,” several conservative outlets have noticed that, since Cuomo’s nursing home scandal hit the papers in a big way, his brother over on CNN has had almost nothing to say about it. Chris Cuomo hosted his brother multiple times last year, the two of them carrying on in a most-unnewsworthy way about the elder Cuomo’s deft handling of the virus.

But now?

“Despite his brother becoming the center of one of the nation’s biggest political news stories, Chris Cuomo managed to fill much of his hour Monday night lecturing Republicans on morality following the now-concluded impeachment trial of former President Trump. He spent less than six minutes of his show even talking about the pandemic, which came toward the end of the hour,” reports Fox News.

Not that we would dare cry “conflict of interest.” After all, CNN’s left-wing competitor, MSNBC, has not mentioned Cuomo’s nursing home scandal a single time on their primetime broadcasts. Dems stick together.

Oh, but there’s no such thing as liberal news bias. Remember?