There are few Washington-oriented traditions we look forward to more than Sen. Rand Paul’s hilarious annual Festivus Airing of Grievances. The Kentucky libertarian has been running with this Seinfeld-inspired Twitter event for a few years now, and every year it just gets better and better. Paul is a brilliant politician and a firm believer in the “less government is best” philosophy, but everyone already knows that. What not everyone knows is that he’s really underrated as a comedian. If Paul ever decides to hang up his hat on Capitol Hill, he needs a Fox News show ASAP. We would put him up against Jesse Watters any day.

On to this year’s list of grievances!

“I’m going to start out with a grievance against the entire foreign policy establishment of Washington DC, who 2 years ago were swearing that Donald Trump was going to start multiple nuclear wars or something,” Paul writes “Now they are mad because he is STOPPING two wars. How about you just admit you hate the President, love war and have been wrong for the last 20 years on every part of foreign policy? Consider that my Christmas present. You don’t have to get me anything else.”

The backlash over Trump’s Syria decision is to be expected from certain elements of the Republican establishment. But to hear dove-ish Democrats blast Trump for this move is baffling and incomprehensible. Well, you know, unless you realize that they are simply going to bash him no matter what.

Back to Paul’s list!

After running through some examples of government waste that you really have to see for yourself, Paul writes: “Instead of fixing waste like this and reforming government, the geniuses in Congress decided to have a fight over how much MORE money they were going to ‘spend’ aka borrow from China.

“Speaking of which,” he continues, “buried in the foreign aid reports last year, I discovered something — we give foreign aid to China. So government is so dumb, it is literally borrowing money from China, to give it back to China, while paying interest on it.”


“This is actually my grievance with liberals. They want the government to do more and more, take over more healthcare, more education — I mean you seen what it ALREADY is doing?” he asks.

The whole thing is tremendous, so we highly advise going over to Twitter and taking a look at the entire series. You’ll hear Paul give his take on Trump, Ted Cruz’s beard, Lindsay Graham’s hawkishness, John Bolton, and much more. We don’t always agree with Rand Paul on everything, but the guy is principled and witty – two traits that are seldom seen in Washington, much less in the same individual.

Happy Festivus!