Governor Issues Pardon to Parent Arrested at School Board Meeting

( – Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) pardoned a Loudoun County father who was arrested during a meeting of the Loudoun County Public School (LCPS) board during which the superintendent lied regarding the rape of Loudoun’s daughter by a boy who wore a skirt.

Scott Smith was well within his constitutional rights when he went to that meeting, the pardon reads. It also points out that false and malicious information that could have damaged his business was being spouted by a community member at the meeting with a clear intention of doing financial harm.

After an argument during the meeting, authorities arrested Smith and charged him with Disorderly Conduct and Obstruction of Justice. He was convicted by a local court which was heavily scrutinized by a higher appeals court that suggested the prosecution lied. Smith’s legal fate was still up in the air until Youngkin issued the absolute pardon, reflecting his “factual innocence” per the announcement.

Smith reports feeling “bittersweet” about the pardon, saying that he wanted to have his day in court, but that he couldn’t be certain that they would be fair. Local prosecutor Beta Biberaj, a Democrat who’s known for being soft on real criminals, wanted to see Smith jailed for his alleged misdemeanors. Since the charge was a misdemeanor, they were able to have a bench trial meaning there was no jury, and the judge quickly convicted him of the charges.

He was entitled to a jury in appeal court, but the process has already gone on for years and he said he was grateful to the governor for granting him the ability to move on with his life. During Smith’s prosecution, the same court system acquitted Loudoun County Public Schools spokesman Wayde Byard of perjury. Byard wrote an email the same day that Smith’s daughter was raped falsely blaming Smith for police being on campus. He lied saying that no students were endangered while her rapist was still free.

The attacker was ultimately arrested and convicted, but due to a technical error made by the prosecutor in the case, he won’t be listed in any criminal databases. Biberaj was responsible for that as well.

Smith and his family have been lied about, labeled domestic terrorists, and accused of hateful rhetoric when all he ever wanted was to protect his daughter.

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