Greenpeace has been a plague on the planet for decades, but only now are its own donators starting to realize how hypocritical their own mangement is. The resulting criticisms have thrown the left-wing nutjobs into a frenzy.

What’s all this about, you ask? Well, it appears that international program director Pascal Husting has been leaving a dreadful carbon footprint for the last couple of years. The Greenpeace employee has been flying a jet back and forth between Luxembourg and Amsterdam on an almost weekly basis. This isn’t out of the ordinary when it comes to higher-level European executives, but of course Greenpeace is anything but ordinary. As the world’s most visible environmental advocacy non-profit, they might be expected to at least practice what they preach.

The controversy has been dubbed Flygate by unimaginative observers, and it has inspired anger from Greenpeace donors, staff members, and activists. Many have said they will no longer support the organization following the revelations of Husting’s jetsetting lifestyle.

According to media reports, each one of Husting’s flights “generated 313 pounds of carbon dioxide.” This, as you may know, is what environmentalists blame for the increase in global temperatures. There was no word on whether Husting’s weekly trips managed to kill any seals, birds, or polar bears, but you know that they did.

Husting explained himself on the Greenpeace website, begging for the mercy of supporters by saying that he “ignored the voice of my own conscience.”

If there is a mass exodus of what Rush Limbaugh likes to call “environmentalist whackos,” it won’t be the first time. Several of Greenpeace’s most valued members have turned against them in the last few decades. Former president Patrick Moore has been relentlessly critical of the group’s “scare tactics,” and has said that Greenpeace long ago traded a defensible scientific position for emotional arguments and sensationalism.

It’s always fun to watch a real liberal meltdown in progress, but the important thing at a time like this is to examine the danger groups like Greenpeace are doing to our world. They have managed to get their claws not only into the liberal hippies of the world, but also into international political bodies like the United Nations, the EU, and the U.S. government.

Groups like Greenpeace are fervently anti-capitalism, and their influence over world politics is extraordinary – especially considering that no one elected them to any office. Greenpeace supporters are upset about their program director’s carbon-spewing flights, but the real outrage is the organization itself. One can only hope that a few more scandals like this will drive them off the planet for good.