For advocates of the rights of gun owners, the news has been pretty good lately. Some stumbling blocks like Washington’s Initiative 594 notwithstanding, the vast majority of recent stories have highlighted the immense failure of the gun-control left. The latest such story comes out of El Paso County, Colorado, where officials say concealed carry among females has jumped 793 percent since 2005.

According to a local news station, much of the swell has occurred due to the success of the Rocky Mountain Tactical Ladies Shooting Club, which despite its cumbersome name has attracted plenty of women into the fold. Its founder, Germaine Adams, said that many women come to her when they realize that with the man of the house gone, it’s up to them to protect themselves and their families.

This small Colorado County isn’t just an anomaly. A recent Gallup poll showed that female gun ownership in the U.S. jumped from 33 percent in 2009 to 43 percent in 2011, a startling rise seldom seen without some obvious outside influence. Considering that the media has never been more anti-gun than they are now, the rise is especially difficult to credit. One possibility is that some of Obama’s worst anti-gun rhetoric has inspired a backlash. Another possibility is that gun shops have finally realized that there is a demographic they’ve failed to target.

Real Feminism

Or perhaps the reality is much simpler: women have come around to the notion that the gun is the world’s greatest equalizer. Over the last decade, the rise of gun sales has accompanied an almost-diametric decrease in violent crime rates. Women are disproportionally affected by violent crime, especially those crimes with a sexual aspect. While progressives launch awareness campaigns that preach only to the converted, sensible women know that signs proclaiming “only men can stop rape” aren’t going to do anything to protect them. A loaded handgun, however, just might.

It’s been said that one in five women will become a victim of sexual assault at some point in their lives. Even with crime rates plummeting, this statistic must give any woman pause. While deterrents like pepper spray and rape whistles can come in handy, at least some women believe that the best form of protection is a deadly one.

In LeftyLand, feminists insist that giving women tips on how to avoid being raped is akin to blaming them for being a victim. The entire responsibility for the problem therefore lands on men. And while you can kinda sorta see their point, the reality is we don’t live in that kind of world. And by promoting this utopian fantasy where rapists can be taught not to rape, the feminist left is putting women in danger. It seems that an increasing number of women are seeing this charade for what it is. Rapists beware.