Hell hath no fury like a transgender community scorned.

This week, reports have it that HBO Max and Warner Bros. are potentially working on a deal to develop the “Harry Potter” franchise into a live-action TV series, and that naturally gave the internet’s left-wing loonies yet another excuse to berate author J.K. Rowling for her outrageous beliefs. Crazy, crazy beliefs like “only women menstruate” and that women-only spaces should probably be reserved for ONLY WOMEN.

These comments and others have earned Rowling the scarlet letter “T” for TERF – the “insulting” label of “trans-exclusionary radical feminist.” The radical aspect, in these cases, being that the feminists in question don’t believe you can simply declare yourself a woman and instantly become one.

See, Rowling just wrote about magic in a fictional construct. These libtards actually believe it’s real.

“Because of her transphobic comments and actions, many users voiced their anger over the potential new spin-off, with many saying Rowling shouldn’t be on the receiving end of any further ‘Harry Potter’-related royalties,” reported the Insider.

Pretty sure those royalties are going to keep flowing regardless of any new TV series. What these brats are really mad about is that Rowling could make no further deals for the rest of her life, and her family could still live well for nine generations based on the money she’s already made. That’s known in some circles as “FU money,” and it’s one of the reasons why Rowling feels no need to bow before the cancel culture mob.

In any case, Insider explained that people like Rewire’s Imani Gandy were really upset about the news: “Oh, you want me to watch something that’s going to put MORE money in her pocket? I think the f**k not.”

Lily Simpson, who describes herself as “non-binary transfemme” on Twitter, wrote, “Companies don’t give a s**t about trans people, not when transphobes have such profitable franchises.”

That’s probably true, Lily. But hey, that’s life.

“It wasn’t until last summer that Rowling really made her anti-transgender feelings clear, when she released a lengthy screed on her website outlining her ‘fears’ of ‘trans activism.’ For a woman who made billions using the written word, it was a shockingly unreadable piece, full of pseudoscientific nonsense to dress up undeniable bigotry,” complained NBC News cultural critic Ani Bundel.

Strange. We read that piece and couldn’t find a single line of bigotry, so it’s factually incorrect to say it was “undeniable” in nature. It was also eminently readable. But then, anyone who thinks that it’s J.K. Rowling who is on the side of “pseudoscientific nonsense” must be profoundly brainwashed by trans propaganda.

Hopefully, HBO and Warner Bros. will stick to their guns. The opinions of these loons actually, really doesn’t matter at all.