Hawaiian Wildfires Leave at Least 53 People Dead

(TotalConservative.com) – The Hawaiian wildfires have left Maui devastated with 53 dead at the time of writing. That number is likely to rise, however, as burned-down neighborhoods are explored and cleared as the survivors survey the damage. Many of them are telling harrowing tales of narrowly escaping, having lost all their possessions to fire.

A flyover of historic Lahaina showed many neighborhoods completely burned to ash. Rubble lines streets that were vibrant and flush with tourists just a few days ago. Restaurants and residences alike were reduced to blackened charred remains. The marina featured scorched and burnt boats, and a haze of smoke hung over the small town which dates back to the 1700s.

Hawaiian Gov. Josh Green said that the town was “burned down.” Over 1,000 buildings were destroyed by the fire, he told the AP. He added that they are “heart-sick” with loss and that the death toll is likely to rise. The tragedy is the worst on the island since a tsunami in 1960 killed 61 people.

Local business owner Tiffany Kidder Winn described seeing charred remains of people inside burned-out cars. She said it looked like they were trying to get out but were stuck in traffic. She saw another body propped up against the sea wall. She described the loss as devastating and said she was having trouble navigating the area due to the destruction of all the landmarks.

The death toll has made this the second-worst wildfire in U.S. history, the worst being the 2018 Camp Fire in California that left the town of Paradise reduced to ash and 85 people dead.

Hawaiian Emergency Management spokesman Adam Weintraub said they were “still in preservation mode” with a primary focus on search and rescue operations. Some areas are still inaccessible and as the fires are contained or extinguished rescue and medical personnel look for survivors and remains.

The fire began on Tuesday and swept across the island very fast, catching many people off guard. Powerful winds and a dry summer resulted in a fast-moving conflagration that devastated the island community.

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