Heatwave Crisis Fuels Devastating Wildfires in Arizona

(TotalConservative.com) – Dramatically high temperatures across Arizona over the last few weeks have contributed to the expansion of wildfires across the state, forcing some local residents to evacuate in advance of the infernos. Around 160 residents in the Sunflower District of Maricopa County were evacuated due to fires in the Tonto National Forest, according to authorities.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Joaquin Enriquez informed CNN that the residents were being relocated temporarily to a shelter in neighboring Fountain Hills. Maricopa is the fourth largest county in the nation in terms of population size, according to its website.

Maricopa County Emergency Management spokesperson Ron Coleman explained that crews were simultaneously monitoring and fighting fires across the area and they had the blazes restricted from advancing any further.

Sunflower is located around 60 miles away from Phoenix, where temperatures have been consistently over 110 degrees for 24 straight days, according to the National Weather Service.

One-hundred miles away, another series of wildfires forced another evacuation in Yavapai County. There was severe wind in the area with gusts over 50 mph which could easily shift the direction and spread of the fires.

The temperature has been so severe that there are 18 confirmed deaths due to the heat with several dozen more under investigation, according to local health department data.

The heat is also causing hospitals in the area to be stressed with heat-related illnesses. Emergency room doctor Frank LoVecchio told CNN that he hasn’t seen the hospital this busy since the pandemic. Heat is the single largest natural killer, beating out earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

Wildfires are incredibly prevalent during this time of year, similarly, extreme fires on the island of Rhodes, Greece are causing the largest-ever evacuation of the island. Fires are also threatening the island of Evia and Corfu with emergency services already advising evacuations in parts of Corfu. Greece is also experiencing a record heat wave with temperatures well above normal.

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