As Minneapolis burns and the police department there tries to do right by George Floyd and his family, the usual racist grievance grifters are out on the circuit, doing everything in their power to use this terrible incident to bolster their neverending central argument: America is an awful, racist hellhole, it always has been, and it probably always will be.

Whether they actually believe in this tiresome narrative or whether they just use it to sell books, who knows? Either way, it compounds whatever racial divisions we have in the country, and it doesn’t get us even a hair closer to preventing incidents like these from happening.

Which brings us to Princeton University professor Eddie Glaude, Jr., who appeared on MSNBC this week to explain to viewers that Floyd died because America is a “profoundly racist” country.

“I think it’s pretty much common knowledge in the United States that we have multiple Americas, and that is evidenced in the way in which those Americas are policed,” he said. “The video exposes a kind of willful ignorance. It provides light on the shadow against the idea of innocence of the country. But I think there’s an intimate knowledge around the country that there are two Americas, that police don’t value the lives of black folk. When you look at the face of that officer, he doesn’t seem to assume that he has his knee on the neck of a human being. He’s with his hand in his pocket. He doesn’t hear him call out for his mother. He doesn’t hear him crying. So this is the America we live in. We just need to confront it honestly.

“We have to finally be honest with ourselves,” he continued. “We talked about this when this happened with El Paso. We have to understand how profoundly racist our country is and how it shapes the very ways in which communities are policed. That doesn’t lead to an indictment of each individual, but it gets us to the systemic nature of inequality.”

People like Glaude not only do our country a disservice when they start spouting this crap, they actually distract from the real story: That we obviously have poorly trained, poorly vetted police officers in some of our nation’s departments. They are by far the minority, and they do not in any way represent the average police officer – much less the true heroes of the thin blue line. Nonetheless, they are out there, and when they do something unforgivable like this, it gives all police a bad name.

But Glaude doesn’t want to talk about that, which is a story that nearly every American can get behind, because that might actually get results. No, he wants to go so far into “racist America” talk that he winds up turning people who are horrified by what happened to George Floyd into defenders of the police. Nay, defenders of the country.

People like Glaude obviously want it that way, though. It allows them to keep preaching their poison gospel to a relatively small (though unfortunately growing) audience of radical leftists.