Sometimes a poll comes out that just makes us howl with laughter about the state of our politics. We’re sure there will be no shortage of liberals saying that this result says something awful about Republican voters or the strength of Donald Trump’s “cult-like” hold on his supporters, but we just think it’s plain hilarious. According to a new survey from Ispos, Republican adults have a slighter more favorable view of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un than they do of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Like, we’re sorry, but that’s funny no matter who you are.

From The Daily Beast:

The poll of roughly 1,000 adults aged 18 and over was conducted June 14-15, shortly after President Trump’s historic summit with the North Korea dictator. According to the results, 19 percent of Republicans indicated they had a favorable view of Kim with 68 percent saying they had an unfavorable view (12 percent of voters overall had a favorable view of Kim, compared to 75 percent who viewed him unfavorably). That compared slightly better than the perception of Pelosi, who had a 17 percent favorable, 72 percent unfavorable rating among self-identified Republicans.

Pelosi, nevertheless, was only the second-most disliked figure on Capitol Hill. Her overall 29 percent favorable, 47 percent unfavorable rating was slightly better than the numbers for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). McConnell had an overall favorability rating of 20 percent with 43 percent viewing him unfavorable. (Self-identified Democrats, for what it’s worth, had a significantly more favorable opinion of McConnell than of Kim Jong Un.)

Aw, poor Mitch. We sometimes think the dude gets a little bit of a bad rap, no matter how much he infuriates us on occasion. We’re not sure where his head is at from time to time, but damn if he didn’t do a bang-up job keeping Obama’s Supreme Court pick out of the Senate confirmation hearings. As far as we’re concerned, that – combined with his determination to put Gorsuch on the bench – earned him a LOT of goodwill. He’ll probably spend that up before Trump’s presidency is finished, but hey, it is what it is.

As for Kim, well, he’s a monster, plain and simple. And yeah, he’s worse than Pelosi ever was on her worst day.

That said, we can understand where Republican voters are coming from. They don’t have to watch Kim Jong Un talk about America as a place where you can cure illegal immigration by mowing the grass or watch her cry crocodile tears over Trump calling MS-13 gangsters “animals.” Kim Jong Un may threaten Washington with nuclear annihilation every now and again, but Pelosi…well, Pelosi is busy trying to destroy this country in her own, subtler way.