In an interview demonstrating her startling lack of awareness, Hillary Clinton lamented to The Hollywood Reporter this week that the left has not done a great job countering the influence of Fox News Channel. Asked by the interviewer if there was anything the left could do to combat the conservative news network, Clinton expressed regret that the topic was not at the forefront of every liberal’s mind.

“It’s really a shame that all the people who support progressive politics and policies haven’t understood that that’s exactly the right question to ask,” she said. “We do have some well-off people who support Democratic candidates, there’s no doubt about that, but they’ve never bought a TV station. They’ve never gobbled up radio stations. They’ve never created newspapers in local communities to put out propaganda. That’s all been done not just by Murdoch and Fox, but by Sinclair and by the Koch brothers and by so many others who have played a long game about how we really influence the thinking of Americans.”

Instead of pushing back on the extremely obvious flaws in this reasoning, THR delved more deeply into Clinton’s alternate reality.

“Any plans to use Hollywood as a means of influence as the Obamas have with their Netflix and Spotify deals?” they asked.

“We’ve explored it. We have not made any decisions,” Hillary replied.

“So, you and Chelsea haven’t launched a production company, as has been reported?”

“No,” Clinton said. “But we were talking to people who approached us. The Obamas are absolutely right that you’ve got to impact the culture and what people see and therefore what they believe if you’re going to impact the politics and to preserve our democracy, not to be too dramatic about it. So, I think they made a very smart decision, and maybe someday we will, too.”

Imagine thinking that THIS is the failing of the left! Let’s take a short roll-call of the corporate media outlets currently generating an endless stream of left-wing favoritism: CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, the Washington Post, The Guardian, and, oh right, THE ENTIRETY OF HOLLYWOOD. Armed with this militia of propaganda, you think the problem with your failing ideology is that you don’t have an outlet with which to “impact the culture and what people see”? Democrats could literally install a PA system on the moon and broadcast their message to the world all night, every night, and it wouldn’t be any more omnipresent than it is now.

But sure, go ahead and launch HillaryTV. THAT’LL change the game…