Historian David Garrow Reveals Shocking Details about Obama

(TotalConservative.com) – A letter penned by then-21-year-old Barack Obama seems to suggest he was imagining making love to other men daily. David Garrow is a historian who wrote a 2017 biography of Obama called “Rising Star.” Garrow mentioned the letter offhandedly during a recent discussion with journalist David Samuels commenting that it was the most interesting thing he had learned about the former president.

The letter in question is held by Emory University and they will not allow anyone to photograph or copy the letter in any way. Reporting by the New York Post claimed that the letter was transcribed by Garrow’s friend Harvey Klehr which was how he got a copy.

The alleged quote from young Obama claims that homosexuality is an attempt to “remove oneself from the present.” He then went on to suggest that he regularly makes love to men in his imagination. The letter also described how he believed he was part male and part female calling his mind “androgynous.”

Garrow had previously referred to Obama’s book “Dreams From My Father” as “a crock,” implying the story contained in the pages was pure fiction. Garrow also recounted how the first time he met Obama in the Oval Office he had arranged to have all his journals stacked on the desk so that Garrow could see them. He was subsequently told that he could not utilize them in his biographical efforts and suggested Obama had put them there solely to let Garrow know he couldn’t see them.

Garrow had previously characterized letters to and from his earlier girlfriends as unlikely to ever be made public he had suggested he wouldn’t be surprised if Obama had the content destroyed at some point, suggesting it was inflammatory. Garrow also said that Obama was furious that Garrow alleged that “Dreams From My Father” was a work of pure fiction.

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